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Writing is My Liver. What Does Your Work Mean To You?


Last night, I got off the virtual phone with a potential client. It was an hour-long call on Skype, and unfortunately things didn't work out because the budget wasn't flexible enough to be able to invest. This was the 2nd lead that "failed" in this sense, and I felt exhausted from the call and from the idea of having to let go two opportunities to work with new clients. I lay on the bed and told my husband about it. He said something that caught me off-guard: "Maybe it's a sign you have to do something new." 'New' obviously meant anything that's NOT writing. I've been creating Continue Reading

I’m Putting My Creative Work On Hold

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Persistent—I'm the kind of person who never gives up without a good fight. I'd make things work, fit into schedule, find ways to meet my deadlines. Unfortunately, I've lost the battle today. It pains me to have to put creative writing and poetry on hold, considering I made such a grand announcement for Animalia months back. Moreover, this collection has just started turning its wheels with the addition of two new poems. What luck. Life, you really know how to kick it where it hurts. Health is truly No. 1 My husband and I came home after seeing his orthopedic physician today. He's been Continue Reading

Star of Horse


I wrote this poem a while back after a chance encounter during one of my evening jogs. I spotted a male horse standing alone, somehow staring at my direction, and tied to the ground. It was as if I was having a conversation with him, my spirit trying to catch his attention, a response. How I wished such conversations weren't one-sided. Horses are significant to me as well because I was born under the year of the Horse. The qualities of Horse-born people are reflective of my own: stubborn, cheerful, perceptive, and communicative. And so I have this deep affiliation and admiration Continue Reading