Creative — noun. A person whose job involves creative work. In my own terms, a creative is someone who creates to express and delight, to share with the world.

You are a creative. You are someone with a story to share, a body of work to be celebrated, and a person with vision. You have a special gift that deserves to be seen, heard, and felt. 

Yet, there are many creatives wrestling with obscurity and acceptance. They don’t believe their work is worthwhile to be shared with others and be paid for. They fear that they would simply be ignored, that others would discourage or dislike them.

These are problems I struggle with as a creative writer and I want to find that missing link that bridges this gap. I want to help other creatives—no matter the genre or medium, no matter the aesthetic or style—feel confident and open to sharing their work and being paid for it.

This is my mission, and I’m on a journey to find the answers and create a solution. 

Join me in building a warm and open space for creatives. Join me in learning what contributes to the success of the creative and what we should do to get there.

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