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Inked: Adrift by Simon Christen, Cover Lovin’ Board, and a Family of Writers

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1. Video: Adrift from Simon Christen The world celebrated Earth Day (April 22), which brought forth plenty of beautiful quotes and images appreciating the land and its gifts. I spotted many on my social feed, the most memorable being a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "The earth laughs in flowers." Simple, yet delightful when imagined. The earth manifests in many other forms, some of which we tend to miss in our individual pursuits. This video by Simon Christen is a mesmerising homage, a "love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area." It's an experience in itself where you Continue Reading

Breaking Glass: How To Overcome The Fear of Beginning

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[Photo credits] The fresh page of a notebook, the blankness of the screen—both paralyze me like a stunned tabby cat many times in my life. I'd wrestle with the introduction or the first line of a poem until I'm able to flow steadily through the piece. Where it will take and leave me I'd have no clue. Some writers are the Hemingways who go by the saying "Write drunk, edit sober." In my case, I have the tendency to write and edit as I go, which I will admit oftentimes makes me much slower in progress and sick with symptoms of perfectionism. I've never actively tried to change this habit, and Continue Reading

Inked: Daily Passover, THE GAP, & 7 Poetry Collections for Every Reader

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1. Poem: "Daily Passover" I wrote this poem as a response to Juan Felipe Herrera's Five Directions to My House. Daily Passover North of my desk: children tossing balls against thin walls, a chance to make them soar. West of my desk: final afternoon rays clothed for the eve of summer stars. South of my desk: mayas perched on burgundy roofs watching balls of light begin to burn rust. East of my desk: howling, like a song set on fire of a wilderness slipping from memory. Here, at my desk, I stare at the clock, How the arrows never stop. 2. Video: THE GAP by Ira Continue Reading