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Animalia In Review: 2 New Poems + Foreword

Revised one of the poems of the collection. We're getting there!

I'm finally making progress! I've got two poems to add to the collection, one of which I've written while taking the Story Cartel course. The first one I wrote when I was still fresh out of university. At that time I was still living in my hometown with my dad and his family where insects and nature were much closer to home than my place in the metro. Renamed "Yielding" this poem was inspired by Walt Whitman's "A Noiseless Patient Spider" and one night as I was taking my usual nighttime bath. I noticed this green furry insect crawling up the bathroom tiles, and following its trail, I Continue Reading

Just Write It Down


I've this bad habit of slaying myself for past work that's been edited from head to toe. One article I spent about 4-5 hours because I was too damn conscious of my introduction. It took some time before I came to my senses. With a much shorter piece, I threw myself off my high horse and thought, "What the heck. Just write it down." And that's really the best that you can do to get anything done. Be kinder to yourself and allow the stains of raw work to appear. Once your eyes have been rinsed well enough, that's the time you can go back and see if there's anything else you can do Continue Reading

I Just Sent Off 3 Poems to Kritika Kultura


So. Kritika Kultura. One of the most respected literary journals in the country. A friend of mine posted the link to their call for submissions post on our Facebook group. I picked it up, read the guidelines, and spent the next few days baking the idea of submitting poems to the journal. I actually scheduled my submission for July 31, thinking that the perfect poem would come to me soon and that I shouldn't jump right into the lion's den just yet. But these days, I've developed this habit of winging it, and it usually strikes the iron hot between 3-5 AM every morning. I titled Continue Reading